Design is in the Details, Project Inkwell Case Study

What I hear, I forget.
What I see, I remember.
What I do, I understand.
    – Lao Tse, Chinese philosopher, b. 604 BC

Photo of the Spark

Picture of the Spark.

Amanda McCoy Bast, Senior Designer for Adobe in Seattle, joined our class last week to discuss design. Originally starting at Adobe as a Print Designer, Amanda provided us with a thorough overview of the design process from her perspective. While reading Moggridge in preparation for her presentation, she emphasized three items in the chapter that mirror what she does as a design professional: constraints, prototypes and proximity. Moggridge highlights an interview in his book between Charles Eames and Madame Amic, Eames says that design is “a plan for arranging elements in such a way as to best accomplish a particular purpose,” (p. 648). We’ll look at how this definition relates to Amanda’s key points from Moggridge and explore a design case study for Inkwell’s Spark.

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