What’s killing the video-game business?

In a Slate article “What’s killing the video-game business?”, N. Evan Van Zelfden writes: “During Electronic Arts’ last quarterly call, CEO John Riccitiello explained that the company would be pursuing blockbuster hits as a primary revenue source…the industry has long discussed going with this “Hollywood model.”

I like the conclusion about going with the old hollywood model. I think making shorter games, but producing new ones more often could be quite lucrative, especially if you connected the games to a single story, kind of like expansion packs, only not.


Website Usability Case Study, Spore.com

Attached is my final research paper. Within this I’ve conducted a usability case study of EA’s website for Spore. This study helps understand the importance of good web presence and how that might relate to increased sales.


Final Paper


“The website usability case study for Spore.com is broken down into three sections, a case study of the site using Jakob Nielsen’s Usability Heuristics, user research and a competitive analysis.”

Thank you.

Spore.com, a Journey Through Usability: Case Study Proposal

What makes a consumer decide to purchase a video game? Is it advertising through commercial or viral channels, consumer loyalty, or just an impulse buy? Within my final paper I will do a usability case study of Spore.com, the website for EA’s new game. Using Jakob Nielsen’s ten usability heuristics I hope to determine how desirable it is to purchase Spore using their website as a marketing tool. This study will help understand the importance of good web presence and how that might relate to increased sales. Within this proposal I will defend my reason for choosing this project, discuss the information I already know, and wrap up by discussing my strategy for completion.


Not often we find ourselves actively seeking out entertainment; rather entertainment is weaved into our lives, almost instinctual. As a video game consumer I shop with a goal. I already know through reviews, loyalty to the previous version of the game or attractive advertising, what I want to purchase. It’s important for companies to realize that traditional methods of advertising are not longer effective. Within that statement rests my interest to study the usability of Spore.com. As Hayes notes in my post on Interaction Design in Video Games, video games are a child’s first venture into the digital world. Why do we choose to make this statement true?

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