Facebook’s “Event”… stay tuned for something anticlimactic

Zuckerberg’s official rebuttal to “The Social Network” has press clamoring to learn what will be unveiled at tomorrow’s press conference. I personally roll my eyes since Facebook is riding the coat-tails of “The Social Network,” which portrays Zuckerberg as “irreparably damaging and scathing.”

TechCrunch gives a good shot at guessing what all the fuss will be about tomorrow:

  • iPad: The lack of an official Facebook iPad app has been glaring since the device launched six months ago, and while some third party apps have stepped up to the plate (and done very well financially), a Facebook app is still nowhere to be seen.
  • (More) Places: Facebook Places launched in mid-August, and it’s still missing some key features, particularly on the desktop version of the website. Likewise, we could see a much larger campaign urging local businesses to become active on Facebook Places.
  • Credits: Facebook Credits are being used in more games (they frequently came up in the gaming event last month). But what about a broader launch that lets anyone use them?
  • The Facebook Bar – Facebook has been working on a Meebo Bar clone for ages now — they even announced it at f8. Where is it?
  • The Facebook Phone: They denied it existed. Then they said it sort of does. A full launch is the next logical step, obviously.
  • Update: As has been pointed out to us about a dozen times now, the invitation also uses the word ‘Event’, which could be a hint pointing to news around Facebook Events. Or maybe Facebook just used that word because it’s, you know, an event.

I think this announcement has something to do with a partnership, rather than an actual item…possibly Google and the mountain of personal data Facebook has been sitting on? I doubt it. I tend to think the buzz has grown too much, and we won’t be rewarded. And, like in the past with privacy adjustments etc, users have not been overly accepting of changes. Tech News World prints, “anything short of the sale of Facebook to Google, or purchase of Twitter by Facebook, will be anticlimactic,” joked Paul Levinson, head of the communications department at Fordham University.


How real is the technology in Inception?

During the dawn of the iPod, in a marketing class in what seemed a thousand years ago, my team came up with a product design called the “iDream.” Its concept was to record your dreams for viewing and interpretation by either you or a third-party. Now comes Christopher Nolan’s Inception that “proves more engaging to the mind and eyes than to the heart,” but also takes moviegoers on a delightfully “twisty new thrill ride into the subconscious.”

But what about this dream technology that allows us to enter into each other’s subconscious? Warner Brother’s actually created a manual for the dream device used in the movie, aka the “PASIV Device Technical Manual” and shipped it as a marketing tool. But some “research suggests that intentional/lucid dreaming and shared dreaming are possible,” according to this article. While I’m skeptical, it says the researcher uses a device called “NovaDreamer,” a sleep mask that monitors rapid-eye-movements (REM) of dreamers and gives visible and auditory feedback cues which seeks to improve dream recall but also, like the PASIV device used … in the Inception movie, triggers lucid dreams without awakening the dream.”

For right now I think we should just stick with the mobile apps, Kindle books, or the dusty ones in your closet to keep our dreams in check. After all, if we don’t fully understand it, should we really be messing with our subconscious?


Twitter on paper, Infographics

I wanted to share this because I find it so hard to visualize the chaotic mess that is Twitter. This was put together in April by Twitter’s co-founder and I think it does a great job of showing how big Twitter’s influence can be. Three things I think it’s missing are:

1. Is this worldwide or just US?
2. How many total people are “hooked” into the Internet?
3. What percentage are dormant accounts, spam or rarely used accounts?

From a marketing perspective these could be pretty helpful answers.


Thanks to Geek in Disguise for the orginal post.

Blogging while driving…is good for the soul

Now that texting, talking on your cell and singing while driving (wait that should JUST be  me) is becoming illegal…I blogged. During my latest escape from Seattle I was asked by my good friend to cut the cord for her new blog “Itinerary Unknown.” Her goal is to create a space where women can blog about their travel experiences, I think it’s a wonderful idea!

One thing I thought about when trying to obey the traffic laws is the impact of device juggling. It’s way more distracting than chatting on the phone! Possibly because I was on a road trip and swapping from my Google maps screen, to listen to a song my Ipod just played, or quickly grabbing my Flip to video a dust tornado…but maybe I’m a consumer asking for a solution?… or someone to avoid on the freeway?

Anyways, please read my accounts of my solo trip down to the Grand Canyon through Salt Lake City then back up through Vegas and Portland. But just a quick count of all the devices I used: HTC HD2, my laptop, Flip, Canon 30D, Zune, Ipod Nano, and ALL the connectors to keep them charged over the 3,100 miles I drove!

…and the most adoring piece of technology I used sadly (being a Microsoft-ie) was my Google Maps app on my HD2, I seriously wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without it.

Becoming a blogger in a mere 1/2 hour, sure enough!

I had the opportunity today to speak with Mel Carson, author of “How to be a Blogger in 30 Minutes Flat!” He talks about not worrying about creating a work of irrefutable text, and I actually enjoy the mindless jaunt threw the “so what factor” news. Give it a read, it made me think and snicker about my stacks of post-it notes littering my coffee table waiting to be typed up.

Geocaching: Social Media in 3D

Today, I met with the “creative folk” over at Groundspeak and was excited to hear more about their company (and play with their multi-touch Google Earth screen!) Their company focuses on bringing the tech savvy and adventurer together in a form of treasure hunting called ‘geocaching.’ The same sense of adventure is still present today as when pirates hunted for gold…but the reward now is the hunt, not booty and a case of Scurvy.

One of Groundspeak’s main goals is to bring “online communities together in physical locations.” What does this mean? Well, it’s exactly like hide-and-seek…someone hides something in a park, in the city etc, then posts the coordinates online for people to go out into the world and find. By logging your geocache find online, you’re sharing your experience with other’s and building a stronger community.

So I’m curious to learn about people’s geocaching experiences; what have you found, where have you gone, what crazy situations did you find yourself in?

What Happened to Video Game Addiction?

Will people ever get over their obsession with video games? By people I mean those who’ve climbed from the depths of their nerd caves in the 80s and 90s to become somewhat cool now. It’s not that people enjoy plugging into an alternate world to escape their lives, it’s rather that people are finding a significance in how videogames are shaping our society. EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich reported “the growth of our industry now rests more on innovation than it ever has before.” What this means is that people are looking for the next thing to conveniently fit into their lives, or to compliment their lifestyles. He mentions that the bread-and-butter is in the “non-traditional casual market,” ideally those purchasing Wii-fits and family games vs RPGs.

People used to become worried when video games became more than just a game…where are those people now? Was it the worry that frequent video use accompanied weight gain and anti-social behavior, not necessarily an addiction? So what do we think now? Are games more that just games? Kids, families and hardcore gamers are now up on their feet and socializing over the internet with other players…since this is the case do we care about the obsession anymore?