What Happened to Video Game Addiction?

Will people ever get over their obsession with video games? By people I mean those who’ve climbed from the depths of their nerd caves in the 80s and 90s to become somewhat cool now. It’s not that people enjoy plugging into an alternate world to escape their lives, it’s rather that people are finding a significance in how videogames are shaping our society. EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich reported “the growth of our industry now rests more on innovation than it ever has before.” What this means is that people are looking for the next thing to conveniently fit into their lives, or to compliment their lifestyles. He mentions that the bread-and-butter is in the “non-traditional casual market,” ideally those purchasing Wii-fits and family games vs RPGs.

People used to become worried when video games became more than just a game…where are those people now? Was it the worry that frequent video use accompanied weight gain and anti-social behavior, not necessarily an addiction? So what do we think now? Are games more that just games? Kids, families and hardcore gamers are now up on their feet and socializing over the internet with other players…since this is the case do we care about the obsession anymore?


MySpace wants more action…videogame action

In a recent MSNBC article, “Will MySpace become MyVideoGameSpace?,” MySpace is looking to tranform itself “into a stronger online videogaming platform.” But what does this mean? It seems this is an attempt to get a ‘leg up’ on Facebook, who has now become the leading social networking site. Jonathan Miller states this move will take MySpace in a direction that allows “people to meet and play games…MySpace should become an entertainment portal.'”

So what do people think about this idea? In one sense I think it makes good business sense to choose untapped emerging entertainement and run with it, but on another note it seems like MySpace is really just trying to stay afloat. Is it possible that changing their format so much could actually make them fall event more?