How real is the technology in Inception?

During the dawn of the iPod, in a marketing class in what seemed a thousand years ago, my team came up with a product design called the “iDream.” Its concept was to record your dreams for viewing and interpretation by either you or a third-party. Now comes Christopher Nolan’s Inception that “proves more engaging to the mind and eyes than to the heart,” but also takes moviegoers on a delightfully “twisty new thrill ride into the subconscious.”

But what about this dream technology that allows us to enter into each other’s subconscious? Warner Brother’s actually created a manual for the dream device used in the movie, aka the “PASIV Device Technical Manual” and shipped it as a marketing tool. But some “research suggests that intentional/lucid dreaming and shared dreaming are possible,” according to this article. While I’m skeptical, it says the researcher uses a device called “NovaDreamer,” a sleep mask that monitors rapid-eye-movements (REM) of dreamers and gives visible and auditory feedback cues which seeks to improve dream recall but also, like the PASIV device used … in the Inception movie, triggers lucid dreams without awakening the dream.”

For right now I think we should just stick with the mobile apps, Kindle books, or the dusty ones in your closet to keep our dreams in check. After all, if we don’t fully understand it, should we really be messing with our subconscious?



6 thoughts on “How real is the technology in Inception?

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