Blogging while driving…is good for the soul

Now that texting, talking on your cell and singing while driving (wait that should JUST be  me) is becoming illegal…I blogged. During my latest escape from Seattle I was asked by my good friend to cut the cord for her new blog “Itinerary Unknown.” Her goal is to create a space where women can blog about their travel experiences, I think it’s a wonderful idea!

One thing I thought about when trying to obey the traffic laws is the impact of device juggling. It’s way more distracting than chatting on the phone! Possibly because I was on a road trip and swapping from my Google maps screen, to listen to a song my Ipod just played, or quickly grabbing my Flip to video a dust tornado…but maybe I’m a consumer asking for a solution?… or someone to avoid on the freeway?

Anyways, please read my accounts of my solo trip down to the Grand Canyon through Salt Lake City then back up through Vegas and Portland. But just a quick count of all the devices I used: HTC HD2, my laptop, Flip, Canon 30D, Zune, Ipod Nano, and ALL the connectors to keep them charged over the 3,100 miles I drove!

…and the most adoring piece of technology I used sadly (being a Microsoft-ie) was my Google Maps app on my HD2, I seriously wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without it.


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