Geocaching: Social Media in 3D

Today, I met with the “creative folk” over at Groundspeak and was excited to hear more about their company (and play with their multi-touch Google Earth screen!) Their company focuses on bringing the tech savvy and adventurer together in a form of treasure hunting called ‘geocaching.’ The same sense of adventure is still present today as when pirates hunted for gold…but the reward now is the hunt, not booty and a case of Scurvy.

One of Groundspeak’s main goals is to bring “online communities together in physical locations.” What does this mean? Well, it’s exactly like hide-and-seek…someone hides something in a park, in the city etc, then posts the coordinates online for people to go out into the world and find. By logging your geocache find online, you’re sharing your experience with other’s and building a stronger community.

So I’m curious to learn about people’s geocaching experiences; what have you found, where have you gone, what crazy situations did you find yourself in?


3 thoughts on “Geocaching: Social Media in 3D

  1. Most crazy… Rubberboat caching in pitch black tunnels/caves half-filled with water maybe about 100m bellow ground level. Also done a few climbs, some which require climbing gears to execute.

    But the avarage cache is more of an easy find in city, park or forest.

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