I Get the “Gist”

gist“Gist helps you build stronger relationships by connecting the inbox to the web.” Listening to T. A. McCann, Founder and CEO of new social networking site Gist, was refreshing. His idea for this new tool comes from the realization that there’s too much information out there and lines between personal and professional are blurring. According to him we need to think about a way to organize our data in a discreet way, by thinking of relationships.

Take for example my online social persona, I have 1. a LinkedIn account, 2. Twitter, 3. Facebook, 4. Myspace, 5. A blog and more. The value of a tool like Gist is to aggregate all this information in one place so you can get a quick glimpse of someone. This helps you see a deeper view of your contacts by seeing their latest tweets, blog entry and the last email communication you had with them…all in one place.

Currently this tool is in beta and will likely offer premium services for a fee, but if you are a business person and use CRM solutions like Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Salesforce, Gist can integrate and add an additional layer of personal connection. Everyone is now becoming immersed in creating their online alias; a tool like Gist is a great step in helping people maintain relationships by saving time.


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