Thoughts on Corporate Media and Hyperlocal Journalism

On Tuesday, Tracy, the Editor at the West Seattle Blog came and talked to us about the business of hyperlocal journalism and how corporate media is trying to sink it’s teeth into it. An interesting point she made was that it took corporate media so long to screw up what they have now, it’s sad to see them stomping on hyperlocal journalism, mainly by exploiting local blogs to squeeze a few more pennies out.

With so many community blogs in Seattle, is there still room for more competition? Tracy says “yes.” One thing I often don’t consider when thinking about blogs is the breadth of blogs. Tracy said there is plenty of room for additional overlapping blogs in Seattle, especially in the youth market. I had never given much consideration to generational blogging.

Using the Seattle youth music market could be a great place to initiate a blog around a common interest. This could also be used to communicate youth activities, sports, and extracurricular activities. This could also be a podium to discuss important teen issues. Using students to create the content can provide a learning experience and create a positive online image versus the “out of control” teen Myspace pages they’ll regret in about 10 years.

According to Tracy though, this would also be the type of communication vehicle corporate media would salavate over, especially do to all the impressionable minds.


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