First Thoughts About Economics

What is economics, and what does it have to do with digital media? For someone who’s never been exposed to economics is school, I have a few ideas of what I’d like to get out of this new course. In the first class, concepts like “reduction of scarcity” were mentioned; hopefully by the end of the course I’ll have some understanding of this and many more. I also hope to gain a little respect for the study of economics. Seeing all the banter on television makes me feel like I am entering a movie half way through.

While understanding concepts and theories and their relation to digital media is relevant to the overall program work, I would like a general understanding of economics outside of the digital media box. I think this general knowledge will help me feel more confident to put my opinions out there. Insight into economics is even more relevant today, especially as some of us gradate and might feel the full effects of the economy while looking for jobs. This may seem elementary, but understanding how individual industries, so different in sales and profit, contribute to the same decline that effects everyone the same way, is something I don’t understand.

Economics is not a passion for me, but digital media is. Learning how societal factors are influencing technology and the effects it has on the bottom line will help provide some appreciation to where we are headed. People used to think if something is new and popular it will make money, but we are seeing this model change dramatically. Learning about economics will help deepen my understanding of technology and society in general.


3 thoughts on “First Thoughts About Economics

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