Soul searching in the booth, a look at unscripted chance

Reality television influences culture, but how? It plays hard on the concept of real, even though viewers know things are staged. Confessional booths are a main focus in most reality shows; they offer a place for contestants to pour their heart out and recap the day’s events. Do viewers feel a personal connection to the cast when they go into these little rooms? Or is this an uncreative mimic of a story tactic that needs to retire? These booths can be very captivating or completely overdone by sensationalizing common life to the point that reality is no longer captured. Within this paper I will look at these confessional booths to determine if they are an excuse for a lack of compelling content, because that will help understand a shift in the reality TV genre and how we as a culture are affected by these false portrayals of real life.

Click here to view the full paper: Soul Searching in the Booth


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