The Incredibly Virally Contagious Internet

After watching the video, “Bill Wasik Takes Modern Media to Task” I got to thinking about how the Internet has completely changed our lives. If it weren’t for the Internet how would we realize how truly strange and interesting people can become? In the insightful video, Wasik talks about how the Internet allows the little guy to compete with big media, the little guy of course being someone who couldn’t have paid for traditional media before the Internet.

One of my favorite quotes simplifies the complexity of the Internet: “someone can throw up some YouTube video that took them 20 minutes to make using just the tools that were available to them in the basement of their garage, and if it’s good enough or if its grabby enough, it can get millions and millions of hits in the span of just a few days.” But the million dollar question is “what do with do with all those hits?”

I don’t think we often realize the Internet is a repository for so much real stuff, or as Wasik calls it, accessible culture. There are so many amateur videos of irrelevant stuff, but the sheer volume of all this irrelevance actually makes it very relevant. But there are also plenty of sites that offer resources in about any category you can image. He discusses the Internet as being a distraction, “the internet is always dangling in front of us this incredibly virally contagious” content, but the need for this content helps define our technology savvy culture. With so much opportunity at our fingertips we’re feeding our own “niche patterns…and market opportunities.”


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