Web Video; shape, size and color

Tod Sacerdoti in a post about The Most-Watched Show On The Internet? states, “a ‘show’ is any periodically produced branded content.” If a show is originally broadcast on TV, do we still consider it a web video? What about short videos produced but not branded like some stuff on YouTube Shows? Or possibly amateur series like Backyard FX? With TV online consumption becoming more and more popular should it be important that we determine was constitutes a show?

A NYT article Rise of Web Video, Beyond 2-Minute Clips mentions, “About 150 million Internet users in the United States watch about 14.5 billion videos a month.” With this large number sure to grow, its obvious online video will be important in the future, but maybe we need to not try and categorize it against preexisting content. Just because we are used to series and episodes, doesn’t mean web video needs to fall into these categories to be relevant for mainstream viewing. Merriam-Webster online defines show as something that demonstrates or presents something.  I tend to think like Sacerdoti and believe that just as long as there is some awareness of a theme or goal then it is a show.

Classification systems are just around for people to make money. But if we didn’t have categories, how would we know what types of shows are more popular? For example, if I enjoy the show House, but yet there was no classification for medical drama, how could I find more content I might enjoy? And then how could marketers reach me to tell me there is a new medical drama starting? I feel we have this dilemma with web video, but it’s no big deal now since it’s still in infancy. Hulu does a good job of pooling all the ‘shows’ together and further categorizing them, but what about all the other content that sits in a grey area of definition?


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