Our Social Media Future

Once the initial novelty of cyber-stalking your high school friends diminish, you’re stuck with asking yourself “now what?” Social media has a place in our culture and everyone is a piece of it, even if they’re not involved. The future of social media is what we the community makes it, to integrate neatly into our lives.

Just look at Twitter, it’s the guilty pleasure of the “I need it now” crowd, and rapidly spreading. According to a TechCrunch article Is Twitter The CNN Of The New Media Generation?, the “pursuit of ‘now’ is conditioning us to expect information as it happens, whether it’s accurate or developing.” This trend is changing the way we have consumed media in the past, creating a cultural shift. We’re now living in an era where we create the news, we seek out the news; it’s no longer created and distributed to us on someone else’s time schedule. We choose what news is worthy.

Jaffer Ali talks about another culture shift called “video snacking” in his post An Advertiser’s Guide to Video Snacking. This article represents how we’re starting to compare our media consumption to common everyday human behavior. Video snacking, in his definition is “what happens when we watch a video that we encounter by chance while surfing the Web, or when we receive an unsolicited video link forwarded from a friend, etc.” But what is the importance of this snacking? In some way does Jaffer infer we consume these bits and pieces we watch? According to his article we do, and he states “almost 80% of all online video is consumed as video snacking.”

So “now what?” Now that we see social media is starting to change our behavior and affect culture, do we rebel against it or embrace it?


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