“Music, Empowering Youth” a video proposal

Conceiving a video topic with many contributors is no easy task. Everyone has their own ideas of what is worthy of video capture. When I think about an interesting topic, we shouldn’t forget about our audience, and what would be relevant to them. Seattle is known for its music culture, therefore I think doing a video project focused on Seattle music would be fun.

But where do you start? While there are many mainstream rock, jazz, and rap music artists from Seattle, I think it would be more exciting to look at popular rising youth bands and how Seattle has helped shape their music. This would be a story of development, learning, overcoming obstacles and most importantly, relevant to the community we live in.

Local venues like Fusion Café and The Vera Project, are all age music venues that sponsor music education and performances by local youth bands. Exercising musical creativity in Seattle’s youth is also a political issue. According to the Seattle city website “the energy of Seattle’s music scene springs from its youth…Seattle is committed to the idea that popular music is good schooling as well as good fun.”

Finding people to interview should be easy, as we’re offering an opportunity to empower young people to talk about something they’re passionate about. Reaching out to high schools and community groups like the YMCA will also be able to help us get a well rounded story.

Seeing how music affects the youth in Seattle, and how our community is encouraging this creative expression would make an inspirational story and perpetuate this good cause. It also hints on social media by building and sustaining community and group participation through a medium widely accepted by young people.


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