Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

Recently there seems a strong focus on defining marketing versus digital marketing, and a scramble to understand the connection between the two. According to Pete Blackshaw from Nielsen Online, “the marketing community acts like a high school party crowd, by the next week, they move on to the next thing.” If you’re in digital marketing, there’s a perception you are cutting edge and sure to succeed. But according to Holly Brown, Managing Director at MRM Worldwide, there shouldn’t be any division between marketing and digital marketing. In fact, saying ‘marketing’ should actually infer there are digital initiates already present.

 Holly, a veteran of the marketing world, discussed “10 Things Every Marketer Should Know.” In this era of Internet acceptance, how we use the Internet and how it affects the bottom line is extremely important to analyze. We’re no longer in the era of trying to hit a broad target with the dart; we need to hit the bull’s-eye. According to her research, the typical customer visits on average only 108 sites per year, which means there is a focus in making those sites more effective, as well as being able to track results. One of her number one points “all marketing is digital” makes us realize the field is changing.

 For those of us taking the MCDM course in hopes to break into a new career, or gain additional skills, Holly’s talk about the changing geography of marketing responsibilities was quite eye opening. She spoke about how past strategies are not the best ways to reinvent; we need to change the blueprint. According to Pete Blackshaw from Advertising Age, it is good to revisit the “boring basics” while embracing the new; “Speed is good, and change is gospel, but we might be moving too darn fast and making too many dumb or shortsighted moves along the way.”

 Talking about how the “media agency is dead” due to a convergence of professions and interdependencies are an important way to understand why things are changing. Titles like Integrated Producer and Content Strategists are new names for Project Managers and Copywriters, and help define the role better now that marketing includes digital initiatives. For the purposes of this class it’s comforting to know that as we gain knowledge, the job market is fluctuating to reflect what we’re digesting; and there’s still reliance for the basics. “Before we go crazy with the new and cutting-edge, we must reflect on what it means to be credible in this new environment,” (Pete Blackshaw).


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