The Murky and Unclear Waters of TV

In the article “NBC Seeks Vision of TV’s Future,” the CEO of NBC Mark Graboff, talks about “continual fragmantation” and that with all the sources of entertainment out there networks might need to scale back their programing; “in the future, networks might focus on programs that deliver large numbers of viewers, singling out the Super Bowl, Academy Awards, and Olympics. Lesser sports, he suggested, might leave network TV and find themselves on cable channels that get revenue from ads and fees from cable operators. As a result, those channels can afford events that might not get enough viewership to warrant ad sales alone.”

I feel if the networks do not make a change they will suffer. They no longer should be worrying so much about getting the next “American Idol” or “Dancing with the Stars” but looking at how viewers are consuming. With the culture of TV changing with online and mobile viewing, we’re no longer so much a society who is home by 8 to catch prime time TV.


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