What is PETA Doing??

So they can’t get their racey advertisement played during the Superbowl; but was getting airtime the real reason they producted the video? I would argue not. As stated in the MSNBC article about the rejection, “It’s one thing for PETA to shock people with videos of people blatantly mistreating animals, to draw attention to the very real cause of animal abuse. It’s another thing to create an extremely steamy video, and then complain about their supposedly unfair treatment.”


PETA has been in the news more lately with the ridiculous “Sea Kittens” marketing campaign, and now this. I think they are just trying to get in people’s heads to remind them they still exist and having this controversial situation creates the fuel for the fire. Is that a good thing? I have no real opinion besides agreeing with their overall mission statement.

View the ad here.


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