‘Encouraged Commentary,’ helping or hurting?

In a wired article posted today titled “Can ‘Encouraged Commentary’ Bring Conversations Back to the Blog?” Gilbertson talks about the evolution of the blog and how this “encouraged commentary” can help. You can view the demo here. As mentioned in my Evolution of Digital Media class last night, things will tend to evolve to something that makes them unique, eventually. I think “encouraged commentary” is a step in that direction.


2 thoughts on “‘Encouraged Commentary,’ helping or hurting?

  1. Hey there – thanks for the post. I don’t know whether or not it will make things better or worse. I know that I don’t even bother to comment on traditional blogs that have dozens of dozens of posts. Some feel that bypassing the conversation to leave a comment is a bad idea. But as an author I would prefer people become encouraged to get engaged instead of asking them to process an entire set of secondary discussions. Most people will simply give up even though their comment may have been completely valid.

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