Hi-Tech Shirts Link Social Networks to the Real World

Is science-fiction catching up to social networking? In a recent PC World article it seems that way. Imagine wearing a shirt with a bar code that can connect a stranger to your social networking profile by a click of your cellphone camera. Well a company in the Netherlands called W-41 has adapted such a product. In my opinion only a special sort of person would wear an item like this on a regular basis. But for other uses like conferences or singles events it “could” be useful.

The article states this branding as an “online-offline integration,” and the concept is interesting, although I am not sure how accpetable this is in a typical social situation. I feel this could remove some of the face-to-face interaction, can you image getting an email saying “I saw you at the bar, but I was too scared to talk to you, so instead I took a picture of you so I could email you later?”


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