A-Ron the Counterculture Muse (Minute Thought)

In a New York Times article, A-Ron, a 29 year old Manhattan resident, answers “how do I turn my lifestyle into a business?” A high school dropout, A-Ron started putting his own personal brand on products he calls aNYthing, which he sells at stores. But why do these items sell?


In class tonight our guest speaker Corbet Curfman, a branding expert, discussed the idea of brand. He talked in depth about what makes a brand successful. One aspect he spoke to was having a “no substitute” type of product. This means the products can’t be replaced by something else in the customer’s eyes. A-Ron’s brand is very unique and displays a cultural message about New York that people can relate to, and those outside New York who want to relate. The article states the reason for A-Ron’s success clearly, “if a product is successfully tied to an idea, branding persuades people — consciously or not — to consume the idea by consuming the product.” Corbet spoke a lot about this and was quite insightful about branding, even interactive branding which aNYthing has also broken into by selling products online along side video clips and music.



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