Myspace 2.0, Taking Cues from Facebook

Screenshot of Facebook profile using PageRage.

Screenshot of Facebook profile using PageRage.

Recently there was talk of Facebook taking cues from Myspace by providing access to custom layouts from Pagerage, allowing the use of video applications and having an increased problem with spam. But now it looks like the tables have turned. A recent New York Times article talks about Myspace’s new profile by saying “profile 2.0 is going to make a lot of MySpace users unhappy, but only if they’re truly happy with their current profile. We think anyone that’s been waiting for Myspace to do some serious spring cleaning on how users can customize their profiles is going to love Profile 2.0.”

There are some good and bad things about this change. Myspace 2.0 will make it easier to customize your profile allowing you to drag and drop modules and switch between layouts. Among the bad are issues for the more advanced users who’ve in the past relied on 3rd party layouts to modify their pages (Lovemyflash, Flaashy). Unfortunately the new Myspace 2.0 profile will not work with this additional code, “profile 2.0 will break most of the custom MySpace themes available. If you choose to try out Profile 2.0 MySpace reserves your 1.0 profile just in case you don’t like what you see in Profile 2.0.”


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